Compression therapy

What are compression stockings?

Woman sitting at a tableCompression stockings are a thicker, heavier type of stocking that is prescribed by your doctor to help prevent or alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins. If worn as directed, they will help you before and after treatment.

Why are they so tight and how do they work?

Compression stockings apply pressure on the veins in your leg with a specific amount of pressure. The pressure is stronger at the ankle and reduces further up the leg, creating a natural pumping mechanism as you move and walk. They need to be tight in order to create this pressure. Remember compression stockings can only work if you wear them.

Why they are important before and after treatment?

At your initial visit, you will be measured for stockings so they fit you properly. Wearing your stockings will help prevent the progression of venous disease and in some cases help fix smaller issues. Most insurance companies require you to wear them before treatment is approved. After your vein treatments, the stockings can help to minimize swelling in your legs as well as reduce the risk of developing blood clots.

Compression socks and tights