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Leg swelling, cramping, and even ulcers are all associated with venous insufficiency and can make it difficult for you to be mobile and complete even minor tasks during your day. At Fox Valley Vein Centers in Sandwich, Yorkville, and Plainfield, Illinois, James Hawkins, DO, often recommends compression therapy to treat venous insufficiency easily and comfortably. To find out more about compression therapy and its benefits, call the nearest Fox Valley Vein Centers location or book your consultation online today.

Compression Stockings Q&A

What is compression therapy?

Compression therapy is a treatment strategy involving the use of supportive socks or stockings. You wear compression socks or stockings during the day to provide support for your veins and improve circulation in your lower extremities, where they have to work against gravity. Compression socks or stockings are graded based on how much support they offer at the ankle. Your provider at Fox Valley Vein Centers evaluates your venous condition and your blood flow constriction to determine the amount of compression you need. 

At Fox Valley Vein Centers, your provider may recommend compression therapy with or without other treatments for your venous disease. They take the size of your legs into account as well as your leg length to make sure you get the most out of your compression socks or stockings. 

What can compression therapy help treat?

The team at Fox Valley Vein Centers uses compression therapy to treat various venous complications. Mainly, compression therapy is designed to treat chronic venous insufficiency. Chronic venous insufficiency causes your blood to pool in your legs and have trouble flowing back upward toward your heart. This happens when the valves in your veins are weak or dysfunctional. 

Common signs and symptoms associated with chronic venous insufficiency affect your legs and ankles and may include:

  • Swelling
  • Skin appearance changes
  • Varicose veins
  • Itching
  • Tightness
  • Cramping 
  • Ulcers
  • Muscle spasms

You might develop vein problems treatable with compression therapy if you’re overweight or obese, after a leg surgery or injury, or if your lifestyle doesn’t involve much movement. 

What are the benefits of compression therapy?

Compression therapy is a great option for your treatment because it’s comfortable and easy to practice. Each day, you simply put on your socks as you would your normal, non-compression socks. You may need to wear them all day, depending on your needs, but they fit comfortably and help reduce your pain. 

Additionally, compression therapy helps relieve other symptoms associated with venous insufficiency like swelling, itching, and cramping. The stockings improve blood flow both when you’re moving and when you’re at rest. 

For how long will I need to use compression therapy?

Your provider at Fox Valley Vein Centers works with you to develop a personalized treatment plan, including the length of time you’ll need to use compression therapy. They may also recommend sleeping with your feet elevated to promote better circulation at night without having to use your compression wear. 

To find out if compression therapy is necessary to treat your symptoms associated with venous insufficiency, call Fox Valley Vein Centers or reserve an appointment online today.