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M.S. from Fox Valley area

M.S. came to Fox Valley Vein Centers to relieve the pain and discomfort of her spider and varicose veins. One of the veins was also ulcerated making it difficult to perform daily activities like showering. In August of 2011 she underwent Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) to first alleviate the ulcerated and varicose veins. In December 2011, M.S. had a follow up procedure, Sclerotherapy, to help correct the remaining spider veins.

“My veins were very painful and swelled a lot. Dr. Hawkins said the healing process might take a while, but after only a few weeks the pain and swelling is gone. Before I wasn’t able to take a long shower. If the ulcer was wet too long or if the water temperature was too hot, the vein would open and it was hard to get the bleeding to stop. Before I would never think of wearing high heels because of the pain in my legs, but only after a couple months of healing, I was able to wear heels to party and was never uncomfortable. My husband couldn’t believe it. I primarily speak Spanish, but even with the language barrier, Dr. Hawkins was patient and took the time to explain the procedures so I could easily understand my condition.”

51-year-old employee of a shipping company

“Didn’t have to drive into Chicago and everyone is very good at their job. The doctor and the technicians are very pleasant and professional. Friendly people with a nice facility.”

37-year-old mom with 2 children

“Before the procedures I had a lot of pain and swelling after being on my feet all day. I didn’t realize how bad it was until after my son’s birthday party this year. After being on my feet the entire day I had no swelling or pain! I didn’t have to drive into Chicago. FVC staff was very nice, informative and everyone is very good at their job.”

34-year-old mom with 4 children

“I have lived with these varicose veins for many, many years. I was very self conscious and would not wear shorts in the summer and if I did have a skirt on and my leg was exposed I would position myself to hide my leg in pictures and out in public. The first time I took off the bandages and saw a “normal” looking leg I began to cry. It was the greatest feeling to finally be freed from the varicose veins.”

“Dr. Hawkins was great in answering all my questions. He made me feel like my questions were important to him. I didn’t feel rushed during the consultation. I felt good after. I wanted to be up and moving. Minimal pain in leg following procedure. The staff was friendly and helpful in answering all my questions regarding the procedure. Thoughtful, Dr. Hawkins called to check on me in the afternoon following the procedure.

I would recommend Dr. Hawkins and his team to anyone considering this procedure.”


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